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Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

The governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland take their own decisions about housing and whether to offer schemes such as Right to Buy. You can find out more on their individual websites:

Find other home-buying schemes

You may be able to get financial help to own a home through other government schemes like Help to Buy or Shared Ownership. There could also be other schemes, for example home ownership schemes, supported by your local authority.

Please visit and answer a few quick questions about yourself to find out which government-backed schemes could help you open the door to home ownership.

Social HomeBuy

If you can’t afford to buy the home you rent from your council or housing association through Right to Buy, you may still be able to buy a share of it through Social HomeBuy. With Social HomeBuy, you buy a share of your council or housing association home and pay rent on the rest of it. You will need to ask your landlord whether they are offering Social HomeBuy as it is a voluntary scheme.

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