This calculator should be used as a guide to help you begin to work out the costs of home ownership and discount level you may be eligible for. Please note that these figures are only estimates. You'll only know exactly how much your home is worth once it has been valued by your landlord after you apply.

If you enter any details incorrectly, please use the reset button to start again.


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Please include the years you have been a council/ housing association tenant, not just your years in the current property. The longer you have been a tenant, the more discount you can get on the value of your home. Find out more information on discount levels.


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This figure is an estimate of average property prices of this type in your area, based on data from the Land Registry (2012) and the English Housing Survey (2009).

This calculator covers England only. The actual price of your home, which would be valued by your landlord after you apply, could be more or less than the amount estimated here.

You could also get your own estimate, for example from an estate agent or property websites, and you can enter this manually.

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